Relationships key to fast growth firm

The development of unique apps has made this Stirling firm a leading-edge business in a competitive global marketplace.

From theme parks to health care providers, Stirling-based Mobile has earned an envi­able reputation as a leading provider of mobile solutions to large corporations.

Headquartered at the Stirling Univer­sity Innovation Park, the firm was estab­lished six years ago by co-founders Ross Tuffee and Paul Burrowes. With Ross’s previous corporate experience and Paul’s technical expertise, the pair instantly had a competitive edge. Ross Tuffee said: “Paul actually built the world’s first sat nav for skiers.

“There was a product called Satski and we looked at it and thought this could work for things like theme parks and got our first gig with Thorpe Park. At the same time we began working with TUI Travel, building an app for the World Cup. The company just grew from there.

“Paul worked in an environment which is all about efficiently delivering technical solutions and I’ve worked in a corporate environment and understand how corpo­rates operate, We’ve melded that to create a very efficient, effective approach to enterprise mobility.”

The firm now works across a variety of sectors, from leisure, travel and tourism, to retail, utilities, financial services and healthcare. “We started in leisure, tourism and travel, with firms like TUI Travel and the 150 brands associated with them,” aded Ross. “In the early days we also worked with organisations such as English Heritage.

“We then moved into utilities working with companies like SSE and Network Rail because they are organisations with a dispersed and mobilised workforce.”

Recently the firm began its first foray into the healthcare market, helping Public Health England (PHE) build its mobile capacity. However, rather than simply develop a few apps, Mobile took a more holistic approach and enabled PHE to grow their own mobile capability. One of the results is Sugar Swaps, an app designed to reduce sugar intake.

The innovative app scans a product to reveal the sugar content.

Ross Tuffee added: “We’ve always focused on large corporate enterprise mobility. We’re not the sort of business that goes and builds an app you download for 79p from the app store. We work with leisure and tourism organisations, health­care and utilities who have lots of differ­ent mobile requirements. That can be business-to-consumer facing or business-to-employee. We’re mobile enterprise spe­cialists; we take an organisation and help it to mobilise its data.”

Over the next couple of years, Mobile plans to leverage its extensive knowledge of enterprise mobility to focus on developer-facing products.The first of these products is InstallFish – a simple and effective mobile app distribution platform which was launched earlier this year.

“We are a service company by nature, i.e. we build bespoke software but we’re also good at bottling that expertise.

“Over the last six years we’ve created a lot of capabilities and now we’re starting to create developer facing products such as back-end Content Management Systems and app distribution systems.”

Despite a satellite office in Mumbai, Stirling remains very much Mobile’s home. “Stirling has some great talent both technical and managerial,” said Ross Tuffee. “We’ve employed seven students and believe in taking on gradu­ates who can grow with us. We’re a young, fast-growing company and we need some great talent.”

And the secret to the fast-growing com­pany’s success? It’s all about relationships, both internally and externally, said Ross Tuffee. “We operate on building relation­ships, both with clients and staff. We got the extra mile for both and we realise our core asset is our people.