Digital pioneers making waves in America

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Stirling’s fledgling digital sector has already had an impact on the global marketplace even before plans for the city’s digital hub have come to fruition.

One of a cluster of innovative companies already in the sector in the city,, a mobile communications specialist, has already made waves in the US and is currently working on a top secret project in New York. (the “sh” is the domain for St. Helena) has also been called in to establish a mobile digital interface for Merlin Entertainment theme parks, second only to Disney on the global stage.

Ross Tuffee says Dogfi. sh opted for Stirling because of location and graduates
Ross Tuffee says opted for Stirling because of location and

None of this is surprising from the company, one of whose founders, Paul Burrowes, started working in the field of mobile communications five years before the iPhone was launched and went on to develop the first satnav for skiers to let them know where they are on piste.

His partner and company co-founder Ross Tuffee started his working life with Ernst & Young and brings many years of working in the corporates to the table.

It was this background that made the company eschew the highly competitive and volatile field of personal apps for the corporate sector where there is an ever increasing need for mobile interface applications.

Starting out working for Tui Travel and the 150 brands associated with the leisure, travel and tourism industry, then moved into utilities, working for Network Rail (the organization responsible for the UK’s railway infrastructure) because of its need to communicate with a dispersed and mobilized workforce.

In recent times, the company has moved into the healthcare market, working for Healthcare England. One of the end products here is a sugar app designed to let people know the equivalent amount of sugar cube content in what they are eating and drinking, an ever increasing concern in the health sector world-wide.

“We opt for being based in Stirling because of its accessibility in terms of location and the fact that there is a pool of skilled graduates available,” says Ross Tuffee. “And with the city’s plan to build a global digital hub here, things can only get better.”