Co-operation vital to build new future

The Scottish Cities Alliance is attending MIPIM London 2016 with its partners Homes for Scotland
The Scottish Cities Alliance is attending MIPIM London 2016 with its partners Homes for Scotland

Partnerships between the Alliance and the property market will further drive development

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The Scottish Cities Alliance is a forward thinking partnership between Scotland’s seven cities and Government with the principle aim to attract investment. Collaboration is at the heart of everything that the Scottish Cities Alliance does. By actively collaborating with property market providers, key agencies and stakeholders on accelerating delivery in Private Rented Sector/Build to Rent Housing the Alliance aim is to secure PRS/BTR Housing to enhance the mix of housing available in Scotland’s growing cities to underpin sustainable economic growth.

The Alliance and its partners recognise that provision of quality homes accessible to a wide range of customers for rent can play a significant role in meeting citizens’ housing needs and aspirations. The PRS/BTR sector’s growth makes a positive impact in many ways, offering choice to tenants and boosting the area’s economy, giving people options as to where and how they choose to live in Scotland’s cities.

The Scottish Cities Alliance’s ongoing work to support the further development of the increasing BTR sector in Scotland through proposition development and identification of investible projects across our cities and regions will help stimulate further economic growth delivering jobs and social infrastructure for sustainable growth.

Professionally managed BTR, with its unique application in each city, is about providing homes rather than just housing as investors want long term happy residents and well-designed and high-quality buildings are essential. BTR operating businesses, the homes they build and investors they attract are specifically designed for long term rental occupation with the customer experience at the heart of the developments. These are the kind of developments and communities which we want to see in our growing cities offering citizens quality and choice and creating great places.

PRS/BTR is about creating a sustainable community through the provision of communal spaces, providing excellent customer service, ensuring that management of apartments are to the highest standards, and providing amenities to meet the needs of the modern renter.

The Scottish Cities Alliance is delighted to be attending MIPIM London 2016 with our partners Homes for Scotland, highlighting the on-going progress in policy and frameworks to support the further development of build to rent homes across our cities.

The City of Dundee, Scotland’s fourth largest city, is attracting significant interest in PRS development in the exciting Waterfront area of the city. That area has seen transformational change following the £1billion investment in Dundee Waterfront for mixed-use regeneration and creating attractive development opportunities along the 8km shore of the stunning River Tay. The new V&A Museum of Design, Dundee will open in 2018 and represents an investment of more than £80m expected to attract several hundred thousand visitors each year.

Allan Watt, Dundee Waterfront Project Director, says there are many opportunities for UK investors to partner with the city on the next stage: “The City Council owns land in the Waterfront which allows us to work closely with developers, investors and entrepreneurs. There are great opportunities for the UK’s private sector to capitalise on the expansion of Dundee Waterfront. We are very entrepreneurial in our approach, and would urge interested parties to contact the Dundee Waterfront Development team directly to discuss their ideas.