You can (on Man)

Isle of Man TT 27 May - 09 June 2017
Isle of Man TT 27 May - 09 June 2017

On May 25, Business Insight, published in London’s City AM, will investigate what you can accomplish on the Isle of Man and learn about the advantages of locating and developing a business on the Island.

Insight will explore the economy of the unique island which is renowned for its financial services and discover how it has diversified into other sectors that include e-business, on-line gaming and even space technology.

Insight will hear about the £50 million Enterprise Development Fund that the island’s government has made available to support business, will take a tour of the TT track and consider the economic impact of this fast and furious annual event.

There is a limited opportunity for organisations to work with Business Insight and position themselves as a strategic player in the economy of the Isle of Man.

This can be achieved with a Commercial Insight which is a feature written by Business Insight to an agreed brief. Written with pace and character and in a nuanced manner, these Insights can be used for thought leadership or as a vehicle to develop a number of themes.

Once published, Insights can be used on web sites, tweeted et al – you can view an example of how Insights are presented here.

The cost of a full page Commercial Insight is £3995 and a half page is £2100. 

As well as these features, adverts are also available within Business Insight.

The cost of a full-page advert is £3000 and a half page is £1600.


Business Insight will also be staging a Forum to investigate topics relating to locating and growing a business on the Isle of Man. Forums are Question Time-style discussions where a panel of invited guests, drawn from business, academia and local government discuss prearranged topics in front of an invited audience.

The Forum informs a feature that will be published in Business Insight. How a Forum is presented in paper can be seen here.

There is an opportunity for an organisation to sponsor the Forum

The sponsorship package includes:

  • Representation on the Forum panel (two places)
  • Input into the topics to be discussed at the Forum
  • Nominating guests to be invited to the Forum
  • In association branding on Forum report
  • Full page feature in Insight

The cost of the sponsorship is £4500

For further information on commercial and editorial opportunities contact: