The best of Scotland

Scotland has worldwide recognition as a brand. It’s a brand with heritage and quality that can be used to leverage your organisation or product and attract investment. To promote Scottish organisations, products, destinations and investment opportunities Insight is launching a digital campaign The best of Scotland in China, the USA and London.

Benefits of participating:

  • Places your organisation in a national context
  • Your message is stronger in context
  • Cheaper than advertising on your own
  • Content designed for how people consume information online (videos, infographics, short powerful articles)
  • Flexibility in terms of timing, content and location targeting
  • Performance can be tracked

Reach of the campaign:

The best of Scotland will be advertised on three websites:

Schedule of the campaign:

China New York London
July 4 July 6 July 11
September 19 September 28 October 5
December 7 December 14 January 9

A contribution of £950 is required to participate in each edition of The best of Scotland.

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