International Insight and the other titles in the stable are published in some of the UK’s and the world’s most read and respected publications, The Times, City AM, Metro and The Wall Street Journal.

The insightful business features are written with pace, character and essentially readability. Both micro and macro economic themes are explored which provide platforms for organisations and business leaders to lend comment.

Business Insight, published monthly in London’s City AM, learns about the drivers of economic growth; cities, sectors, skills and infrastructure. The feature format allows themes to be fully explored and allows partners to align themselves with though provoking commentary.

Insight in the London and south east edition of Metro is published monthly and explores and hears about public health issues, charities and even business start ups. This panoramic view enables topics as diverse as fostering and reserve forces to be discussed. Insight gives smaller organisations the opportunity to be heard by Metro’s large readership in London and South East.

International Insight is published in the The Wall Street Journal. This premium product, written to the exacting standards demanded by the Wall Street Journal considers foreign direct investment opportunities in countries, cities and even businesses. This unique supplement’s distribution mechanic allows Insight’s commercial partners to target specific audiences geographically, from a marketeer’s perspective, reducing wastage and cost.

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