What are the goals of International Insight and why will this benefit anyone interested in International Agility competitions? 


International Insight's objective is to help educate and develop Agility handlers to compete internationally at the FCI AWC, JOAWC and EO and the World Agility Open (WAO). Focusing on handlers in the UK (Agility Team GB, England WAO, Scotland WAO, Wales WAO and Northern Ireland WAO teams) the goal of the group is not just to improve you but also improve Agility in the UK at this level and to bring success across all Championships, Events and Heights. Although focusing on try-out events in the UK, handlers from outside of the UK are welcome to join. 


Whether you are;  

  • Already competing internationally and wish to continue to enhance your skills to go to the next level, 
  • Have a goal to compete internationally and want to learn, improve and develop the skills needed to achieve it,
  • Just interested in seeing what it takes to compete at this level and challenge yourself with the required training regardless of wanting to represent your country,

This group will cater to your requirements.

You will never need to think about what you should be training again!


Our goal is to take away the planning of ‘what do I’ or ‘what should I’ train each month, as we will organise and structure that for you!  


We will actively encourage the group community to help handlers learn from each other, as well as develop an atmosphere and the kind of bonds that are found in successful international teams.